Primær LP announcement

My debut solo LP “Primær” is out on Galleberg Forlag on October 19th and will be available on vinyl, digital streaming and downloads. More details + news of launch gigs to come shortly.

Press info:
Label: Galleberg Forlag
Distribution: Diger Distro
Formats: 12" vinyl LP, streaming and download
Launch date: October 19th 2018

On his debut LP “Primær”, Oslo based producer Espen T. Hangård presents nine tracks of dynamic electronica in the landscape between electro and braindance. The record is mainly recorded live in the studio on a selection of synchronized electronic instruments. A large archive of material recorded between 2009 and 2012 forms the basis of the release, and the tracks have been selected, completed and mixed in 2018. The music spans from the angular and insistent to the airy and abstract, taking inspiration from stringent electro/EBM as well as synth pop and the more playful releases on the Rephlex label.

primær lp stack.jpg