Oslo Electro Nights - European shows

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal

Espen T. Hangård, Robomatic & Carsten Aniksdal

October 19
Barcelona Switch Pocket Club
Special guest: VLR
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November 2
Göteborg Boca-Boca Gastro Club
Special guests: Allan & Janne, Sne
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November 23
London New River Studios
Special guests: VLR, Justin Paton
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Supported by Music Norway, FFUK and Kulturrådet

Jæger interview

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.

I was interviewed by Jæger recently, speaking about early influences and the making of “Primær” and “Elementær”.

Espen T. Hangård’s greying beard; the indented lines that cross his forehead; and his voice, spoken with the measured gravitas that only life-experience can bring, suggests he might be a veteran of his craft, but he’s not. Even though he’s been working in music for the best part of his life, he only made his debut as an electronic music artist in 2018. Releasing two LP’s in quick succession in Primær and Elementær, accompanied by a string of live performances around Norway, Espen went from relative obscurity to the darling of the DIY electronic music scene over the course of the last year. His razor-sharp productions, which lie somewhere between the electronic pop formations of Kraftwerk and the Braindance excursions of Aphex Twin, was an instant hit across the Electro community.

Read the full interview over at jaeger.no!

Jæger Album of the Week


Jæger has named Elementær album of the week and written a sweet review for it:

After making his debut in the world of Electro last year with the stunning Primær, Espen T. Hangård is back with another LP, Elementær. The sophomore LP, released less than three months on from his first, suggests Hangård’s furore into electronic music is more than a fleeting fancy as he marks his intentions with another eight cuts of bristling energy. Elementær was captured during the same recording sessions as Primær between 2009 and 2012, and features Hangård in the a creative frenzy, coaxing beatific arrangements from lifeless machines.

Skipping Electro beats and lysergic bass movements, bounce through phrases in the spirit of Kraftwerk with a hint of Aphex Twin through expansive textured layers. Like Primær, Elementær harks back to the origins of the genre, where innocent melodies and song structures lifted from popular forms of music coalesce in that creative cauldron that not only birthed the earliest Electro and therefore Techno, but also Hip Hop. Short, effective pieces with a stocky determinism, make punchy entries, before moving on to the next track.

Simplicity is at the core of Hangård’s work with a no-frills approach to Electro and breakbeats. Building the foundation of his music on the rudimentary constructs of Electro where Roland X0X machines engage in a musical dialogue with each other, Espen T. Hangård is not breaking any new ground for the genre, but in his fundamental approach, he manages to capture something perfect and pure. Hangård’s expressive melodic nature, negates any designs on the dance floor for music where function will yet again follow form to engage with its listeners at a instinctive level.

Shimmering pads and multi-layered textures, temper the fast-paced rhythm sections of tracks like “Atlas Reconfiguration” and “Trampoline” with a kind of wistful serenity clouding the productions. Alongside Primær, Elementær establishes Espen T Hangård’s sonic signature as an electronic music artist, offering a view from the side with regards to Electro and broken beat music as he proffers his interpretation of the origins of this music.

Elementær launch parties February 7th and 9th

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal

The Elementær LP is released in four weeks, and the awesome bunch of Helene Rickhard, Robomatic (Robin Crafoord), WHALESHARKATTACKS and Justin Paton will join me for two nights of groovy live electronics and snappy DJ-ing. Come on!

Thursday February 7th - Oslo / Kafé Hærverk

Helene Rickhard (DJ)
Espen T. Hangård (Live)
Robomatic (Live)
Justin Paton (Live)

CC: 150,-
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/228164378060514/
Tickets pre-sale: https://kafehaerverk.hoopla.no/sales/espen2019

Saturday February 9th - Tønsberg / Nonfigurativ Musikk / Galleri Galleberg
Helene Rickhard (DJ)
Espen T. Hangård (Live)
Robomatic (Live)

CC: 150,-
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/269225067106611/
Tickets pre-sale: https://nonfigurativ.hoopla.no/sales/2995993341 and at Galleri Galleberg

Elementær LP announcement

I’m very happy to kick the new year off with the announcement of my second LP Elementær, which will be out digitally and on vinyl February 8th. Pre-order is up on Bandcamp.

Press info:
Label: Galleberg Forlag
Distribution: Diger Distro
Formats: 12" vinyl LP, streaming and download
Launch date: February 8th 2019

Only three months after the release of the solo debut Primær, Oslo based producer Espen T. Hangård presents his second LP Elementær. Bristling with funky, playful and braindance influenced electro, Elementær is a companion release to the 2018 debut. While Primær leaned towards tougher and more stringent stylings, Elementær takes on a melodic and layered approach, with lush pads, acidic bass lines and trippy beats flowing through each of the eight tracks. The two albums were recorded in the same sessions between 2009 and 2012, mainly as live performances in the studio using the same hardware based setups, and they were both mixed and mastered in 2018.

Photo by Hasse Moen

Photo by Hasse Moen

Dark Science Electro premiere of Turbo

Dark Science Electro is a daily blog run by DJ, producer and electro enthusiast DVS NME out of Colorado. For the last six months he has done a “Premiere” series on Soundcloud, presenting new and upcoming electro tracks. So far 55 tracks have been featured, and I am very happy to see “Turbo” added to the list!

Album of the week x2

Primær - ukas album på The Garden.JPG

Primær has been named Album of the Week twice this last week! Way cool record store The Garden has the album prominently featured on the wall, see image above.

Oslo’s top electronic music club Jaeger feature the album of the week with a thorough review on their blog, check it out!

In the aptly titled “Primær” Espen Hangård makes his debut in electronic music, turning his resources from the world of Metal to the alien distant planet of electronica for a punchy and slinky Electro album. Trading in his guitar and microphone for synthesisers and drum machines, after a lifetime of colluding with the dark forces in doom and trash metal bands of nefarious sorts, he makes his debut as a producer with a brooding and mesmerising take on the DIY electronic music genres.

Although Espen T. Hangård is possibly best known for his work as the lead singer and vocalist for NoPlaceToHide, he has been known to dable with the dark arts of electronic music, like that of  his atmospheric doom metal side- project like Altaar.

“Primær” is an entire world away from any of Hangård’s previous musical works however, as a beat-orientated Electro LP,that yields some interesting curiosities, undoubtedly informed by his own musical history and experiences. The extended repetitive loop of “Es ist” takes the listener on an evocative journey through a  breakfast  TV aerobics workout after the short opener “16” Jupiter” to stake its claim in a late eighties musical palette.

Incisive percussive rhythms deliver bruising body blows as they pummel their way through the centre of track with a 303 bass line warbling away in the foreground with dynamic flair. This opening track deceives however, because beyond “Es Ist” we find  more fuller arrangements than the stark opener. 

Brooding synthesisers romanticising about melodic synth wave hooks, prance above ferocious gnarling bass-lines and skipping break-beats. Somewhere between DMX Krew and Depeche Mode,  Espen T Hangård’s music lives. Each track makes its own particular statement and besides “Es Ist” they only stay long enough to make their mark and then hand it over to the next. The soundscapes are lifted straight off the eighties program patch these synthesisers arrived with, while the beats run through systematic patterns like an old binary computer. It’s in the way Hangård combines them in which they find that ineffable charm. 

“Turbo” and “Left Hand Pad” are some of the more memorable moments on the record and are very much composed like songs with melodies that require something a little more than one note. Arranged through distinct phases, Hangård applies some craft to the electronic domain on “Primær” and the result is an album that lasts beyond a functional design or the instant moment. These and the small imperfections Hangård allows to linger on from the recording process, gives “Primær” a particular hand-crafted sound that does away with any posturing. It’s laid bare for the listener to take from it what s/he will.

Primær doesn’t break any new ground nor does it try to assimilate genres in tactless promiscuous ways in order to consolidate the artists other musical projects. It’s just a good solid electro album from somebody that has been a long time fan of electronic music.

Oslo show with Ljungblut November 12th


Ljungblut just released their new album Villa Carlotta 5959 and are playing a handful of exclusive concerts this month. They have only played two live shows previously, and that was back in 2011! I'm very happy to have been invited to open their show at Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo on November 12th.

Growing up in Træleborg in Tønsberg in the 80s, I was introduced to tons of great music by my three years older neighbour Kim Ljung - bands, albums and songs that still inform and inspire my own music today. It's a fun coincidence that we both release new music this autumn, and a cool opportunity to appear on the same stage again!

Event at Kulturkirken Jakob

Album of the week at Tiger


Tiger, a favourite record store here in Oslo, named Primær album of the week. Thank you Tiger!

“Espen T. Hangård har tidligere gitt oss blant annet episk dronemetall med ALTAAR, forvrengt death gjennom Diskord og episk hvakandukalledet med KILLL – blant masse annet – men den musikalske stien er mer krokete og mangslungen enn som så.

Mye mer, faktisk. På plata «Primær» disker Espen opp med et elektronisk lydbilde, med arsenal av synther og trommemaskiner i sentrum. Musikken seiler stø kurs framover mens den samtidig klarer å åpne dører til bittesmå nye universer rundt hver loop. Må høres og danses til!”

Check it out at tigernet.no!

LP launch concerts October 18th and 20th

Photo by Anne Valeur.

Photo by Anne Valeur.

The Primær LP is released in just two weeks! To help celebrate the the occasion I’ve recruited the solid crew of Spykidelic (Tony F. Wilson), Are Mokkelbost and RØH (Carsten Aniksdal) for two nights of music. You’re welcome to experience three fresh live sets and a brilliant DJ, hope to see you there!

Thursday October 18th - Oslo / Hærverk
CC: 150,-
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/217318605565878/
Tickets pre-sale: https://kafehaerverk.hoopla.no/sales/hangard

Saturday October 20th - Tønsberg / Nonfigurativ Musikk
CC: 150,-
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/209875103051088/
Tickets pre-sale: https://nonfigurativ.hoopla.no/sales/2719225439

Primær LP announcement

My debut solo LP “Primær” is out on Galleberg Forlag on October 19th and will be available on vinyl, digital streaming and downloads. More details + news of launch gigs to come shortly.

Press info:
Label: Galleberg Forlag
Distribution: Diger Distro
Formats: 12" vinyl LP, streaming and download
Launch date: October 19th 2018

On his debut LP “Primær”, Oslo based producer Espen T. Hangård presents nine tracks of dynamic electronica in the landscape between electro and braindance. The record is mainly recorded live in the studio on a selection of synchronized electronic instruments. A large archive of material recorded between 2009 and 2012 forms the basis of the release, and the tracks have been selected, completed and mixed in 2018. The music spans from the angular and insistent to the airy and abstract, taking inspiration from stringent electro/EBM as well as synth pop and the more playful releases on the Rephlex label.

primær lp stack.jpg